Save the date: 16th of April

Anja Volk is giving her inaugural lecture on the 16th of April in Utrecht.
We think this would be a nice opportunity for a LoCoMus meetup! 

While the lecture starts at 16h15, we will convene in the morning with a program focused on networking and work sharing.
The network program will take place in Janskerkhof 15A while the lecture will be in the Academiegebouw. 

Preliminary Program

11h: Introduction of LoCoMus

11h30 : Overview of all labs included in the network

12h: Lunch break

13h: Individual research presentations (sign up for this in advance)

13h45:    Break

14h: Clustered topic discussions (suggest topics in advance)

15h30: Closing session

16h: Anja's Volk lecture