The Locomus Network, or ‘Low Countries Music Research Network’, was initially set up by Dr. Rebecca Schaefer (Leiden), Prof. Henkjan Honing (Amsterdam), Prof Marc Leman (Ghent) and Prof. Sonja Kotz (Maastricht) to facilitate communication and collaboration between researchers who are geographically close and have shared interests and stimulate cross-disciplinary interactions. Network members are mainly based in The Netherlands, Belgium, and other nearby regions. 

The network has two main goals, that each comprise several elements:

(1) stimulating high-quality research through collaboration and interdisciplinary dialogue
(2) education, training and outreach, through support of early-career researchers, open interactions with artists and musicians, and public science communication efforts. 

We strive for inclusivity in terms of disciplines, bridging methodological gaps and complementing each other’s expertise, as the topic of music is inherently multifaceted. We aim to provide not only a connection between researchers, but also a resource for those interested in music research.